Why should I pay you guys versus downloading the data from Census.gov?

That's a good question. Our clients buy data from us to:

  1. Save time, 
  2. Outsource boring data tasks, 
  3. Have an expert to call with their questions and 
  4. Get spatial intersections between zips/ZCTAs and cities/counties/states. 

Even our technically-savvy customers would rather spend their time using the data to make decisions rather than reading government data documentation to make sure they have the most current and accurate dataset, figuring out how to use the government data tools, downloading/cleaning/merging the data, adding human-readable or database friendly headers, QAing the results, etc. 

There's no secret sauce, and we're definitely not the right fit for everyone, especially if you are someone (like us!) who enjoys the hunt for and cleaning of data.

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