Do you have data other than income data?

Our list of data can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes, folks prefer to have a quick conversation, and we can recommend data rather than digging through the lists. But others really like to see all of their options listed out. If you prefer to chat, call 1.800.939.2130 and ask for Kristen.

Here are our 30+ most popular datasets. When possible, we source data from government agencies (less expensive and has published methodologies) rather than private companies. But we do have partnerships with private data vendors for data that our clients need that are not available via a government agency. 

The #1 most popular dataset we pull from is the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey. Here's an Excel file that lists out the 1000+ tables in the American Community Survey. If you don't want to review all of the tables, below is a list of popular American Community Survey data.

Basic Demographics


  • Total Population
  • Sex
  • Age distribution (e.g. under 5 years)
  • Median Age
  • Race/Ethnicity

Social Characteristics


  • Household type (married couple family)
  • Average Household size, avg family size
  • Educational Attainment
  • Disability Status
  • Residence 1 year ago (e.g. same house, etc.)
  • Place of birth (e.g. foreign born)
  • Language Spoken at home
  • Ancestry (Afghan, Albanian)
  • Computer/Internet Access - not available for zips/ZCTAs

Economic Characteristics


  • Employment Status (e.g. unemployed)
  • Means of Transportation to work (e.g. car)
  • Occupation (e.g. Management)
  • Industry (e.g. Agriculture)
  • Class of Worker (e.g. government)
  • Income distribution (e.g. less than $10K)
  • Median Household Income
  • Mean Household Income
  • Per Cap Income
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Poverty % for all families
  • Poverty % for all people

Housing Characteristics


  • Housing Units
  • Occupied/Vacant
  • Units in Structure (e.g. 20 or more units)
  • Year structure built
  • Tenure (owner vs renter occupied)
  • Value distribution (e.g. Less than $50K)
  • Median value
  • Mortgage status
  • Gross rent distribution
  • Median Gross rent

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