New Population Projections for Counties

You've told us how much you love being able to peek into the future. Starting now, you can add historical data and future projections for counties to your Demographics by County report for +$249 for all US counties or +$124 for a specific state.

What's Included

You'll get a concise overview of population changes around your location, with historical data from 2000, 2010, and 2020 from the U.S. Census Bureau, alongside projections for 2030 from state data centers. You'll see percent changes reflecting growth trend. It's a straightforward way to visualize the expected population changes in counties - all in one easy-to-understand table.

Where Do the Projections Come From?

A different agency or group, ranging from universities and state departments, to research centers and demographic institutes in each state are responsible for these projections. This tapestry of sources reflects the collaborative effort across academic, governmental, and research entities to forecast demographic trends, vital for planning and policy-making at all levels. You can see the full citations here.

Order Your Data Demographics

Learn more about what data are included in the Demographics by County report and add on County Population projections by:

  1. Click on the back button to go to your state-demographics site and
  2. Click on Demographics Reports in the global navigation.

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