Can you help me sort my data by counties, cities or zips/ZCTAs?

These instructions are optimized for Excel but function much the same in other spreadsheet programs like LibreOffice Calc and Google Sheets.

Sorting the list by Value

Click on the arrow next to the field you want to sort, and click on "Sort Smallest to Largest" or Sort Largest to Smallest".

Finding all Counties, Cities, or Zip/ZCTAs in a state

Click on the arrow next to state

Either select/deselect the checkboxes next to the states or type a state in the search box

Finding all Counties, Cities, or Zip/ZCTAs in a specific city, county or state

You can first narrow down the results by filtering first if you know which state your city or county is in.

Then, click on the arrow next to the City or County and type the name of the geography you want to search for.

In some cases, you may get geographies with the same name, but are located in different parts of a state. You can further refine your search results using the County field.

Other Filtering Options

Please see the video below for additional help on:

  1. Filtering by city/county
  2. Filtering for high income areas
  3. Excluding data
  4. Only displaying data for a subset of geographies
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