When will the 2020 Census data be available?

It's available now for certain geographies like cities and counties.

In August 2021, the US Census Bureau released the 2020 Census Redistricting data which includes updated data on population, race/ethnicity, housing units, occupied/vacant units and group quarters population (think college students). We’ve added these 2020 variables to the Demographics by Reports for cities and counties.

2020 Data but joined with 2019 Geographies

The Demographics by Reports contain the 2019 Census geographies joined to the 2020 Census data. We’re going to wait until we have the 2020 Census American Community Survey data in December 2021 to update to the 2020 geographies, because:

  • December is right around the corner, and
  • 2019 geographies with 2020 data was the fastest way to get you the new Census 2020 data.

Contact us if you have any questions about the implications of this decision.  

When can I get 2020 income data? Or where are all the other important demographics?
Population, race/ethnicity, housing units, occupied/vacant units and group quarters population are the only 2020 Census data available in the redistricting dataset. There will be additional variables released, but the Census Bureau hasn’t given us a release date for the rest of the data as they are hammering out the details of disclosure avoidance or masking the data to protect your privacy. All the gory details are in this blog post.

What about 2020 data for zip codes/ZCTAs?

There are no 2020 Census redistricting data for zip/ZCTAs. 2020 Census data for zip/ZCTAs will be released later, but the Census Bureau hasn’t said when (see the paragraph above). We could use the small Census geographies to create 2020 estimates for zips/ZCTAs if we hear from enough of our clients that this would be helpful. Or we could just wait until the Census Bureau releases the official data for zips/ZCTAs. If you have a preference here, contact us.