Do you have data for countries other than the US and Canada?

Unfortunately, we're not a good fit to help with demographics outside of the US or Canada. However, I have 2 hopefully helpful resources below:

1. Statista's Data Portal
FYI: if Statista's portal doesn't have what you need, those guys can do custom research for $900 per day and require a minimum of 5 man-days per project.

And here’s my contact's info over there just in case you want it.

Sebastian Schumann
Senior Analyst
Statista GmbH
Telefone +49 40 284841-805

2. Webster Pacific
We create HNWI and population demographics in countries where it is difficult to find granular data. In the US, the census is such high quality, there really is little need for our work. Proximal to the US, our data would be valuable in certain countries in South and Central America. Otherwise, it is hugely useful in China and many other countries.

Steve Bazant | Consultant
Webster Pacific, LLC
601 California St, Suite 1900 l San Francisco, CA 94108
Office: 1 (415) 733-9722 l Cell: 1 (857) 753-0764
Skype: steve.bazant

If you have a good or poor experience with either of these 2 companies, will you please let me know? I only want to make helpful recommendations. Thanks!